Guide for Scheduling a Ride in Advance

The stress-free way to book your ride

When you schedule your taxi ride in advance, you are guaranteeing yourself a car when you otherwise wouldn’t have a cab. For this reason, we have a few procedures in place to ensure proper service for rides booked in advance:

There is a minimum based on the time you book for. If you are trying to schedule a ride from between the hours of midnight and 8am, or 2pm through 8pm, there is a minimum spend. This guarantees your car above all other rides that may be booked, including ones that are priced higher.

You can only book your own cab with your own cell phone. You cannot reserve a ride for someone else, even with the best of intentions, 3rd party calls are not allowed here. You also cannot use a land line, business phone line, secretary, doctor’s office, store phone, voice over IP phone, burner phone, interpreter or any other service that would render your call 3rd party. You must use YOUR cell phone to book YOUR cab, not someone else’s.

Once you place your call for your ride and receive your text message or e-mail confirmation, it is best to not call back and simply have your face to your cell phone so you can take a call from any number that calls you. Your driver MUST be able to get in touch with you on first ring when he calls you, otherwise we will not move towards your pickup. Staying on the phone with dispatch will only delay your pickup and hold other callers from getting the same service that you are getting.

If your request is immediate, you must also have your cell phone charged up to a minimum of 30% before placing your call. We are not paid to go on wild goose chases, and will blacklist any phone number that makes us go on any wild goose chase. You only get one chance.

Also, you must answer your cell phone for your driver on first ring. Please don’t make your driver wait to get through to you. You should have your cell phone out and ready to answer at all times between the time you place your call and the time you enter our vehicle.

This goes double for pickups at the airport. We must be able to get in touch with you at all times regardless of your situation as we are stuck at the airport until we have you in our cab. This means we are not picking up other people whom potentially need a ride.

When you enter the cab, the driver must collect the cash at the start of the ride, not in the middle, not at the end. We will quickly abort the ride request or the ride if we learn we are not for any reason collecting the entire balance at the start of the ride. We will not move the cab until the driver gets paid.

When you schedule any point-to-point taxi ride or inbound to the airport, please try not to adjust your time close to the pickup time as this will throw off your driver’s other calls before yours and after yours, especially at times sensitive to traffic. Please try to schedule your ride for only one time and adhere to only that one time you booked for. A point-to-point taxi ride is vastly different than an hourly service, which is paid for at an agreed hourly rate and we will stay with you as long as you need the cab. Moving your time on an airport pickup 15 minutes, half hour, hour in any direction will greatly throw off your driver with calls he has before and after your ride.

Following these guidelines when scheduling your ride in advance will greatly aide your travels and help keep your pickup times to a minimum and help keep our drivers helpful to yourself, and as many people we can possibly service.